HB Rentals Scores Three Deals in the Gulf of Mexico

HB Rentals is celebrating three new deals in the US and Mexican sectors of the Gulf which reinforce the firm's growing business in build-for-sale as well as long-term rentals in the oil and gas industry.

Broussard, Louisiana-based HB Rentals has delivered a sizeable complex, capable of sleeping 96, to the CrossMar Group for its American Bureau of Shipping-class work barge as it carries out offshore construction work in the Gulf of Mexico.

The complex features eight of HBR's 12-man sleeper modules and individual galley, diner, recreation area and office cabins which provide staff aboard the ship with all of the facilities they need during the project.

HB Rentals is the only provider capable of providing accommodation which meets the stringent standards in place in the region and CrossMar has options to extend the initial 12-month contract, worth (USD) $1.3million (GBP £885,000).

In another deal, Pride Offshore, carrying out work for Pemex in the Mexican sector of the Gulf, has purchased one of HB Rentals' industry-leading 12-man accommodation units, comprising three linked four-bed cabins, at a cost of $350,000 (GBP £175,000).

HB Rentals secured the deal due to its ready-to-install availability of the US Coastguard A60 fire-rated accommodation, which is part of the firm's ongoing new-build fleet expansion program.

Vice president of operations for HB Rentals, Glenn Aguilar, said: "Our client list in the Gulf of Mexico is expanding at a tremendous rate, as it is throughout North America, thanks to our commitment to providing the biggest fleet of high-standard accommodation in the industry.

"CrossMar's barges are involved in work throughout the Gulf and the complex we have provided gives their staff bespoke living quarters and recreation accommodation with the smallest linkable footprint available in the region, saving deck space without any resulting loss in facilities.

"For Pride Offshore, we carried out specialist fire and gas system customization work to ensure the 12-man unit they have bought can fully interface with the rig's onboard technology, and we also added a full sprinkler system to the modules.

"We won these deals due to the size and flexibility of our fleet, which continues to expand as we carry out new-build work, as we move to ensure that the highest-standard accommodation is readily available to the incredibly busy Gulf of Mexico market."

In addition, HBR has also secured rental contracts with Shell-owned pressure drilling specialist At Balance worth more than (USD) $100,000 (GBP £50,000). The firm has taken a single eight-man sleeper unit and a recreation room, for use on an inshore work barge on a year-long deal. Both fiberglass units include hook-up equipment and a complete sewage treatment plant. At Balance has also taken delivery of a 20ft x 8ft office for a six month period.

HB Rentals, a division of Superior Energy Services, acquired Duffy and McGovern Accommodation Services and its global operations in January 2007. It has a continually-growing fleet of offshore cabins, serving every region of the oil and gas industry and has relocated modules from its Canada base to meet demand in Mexico which demonstrates the flexibility of the standard engineering cabin design to work in the coldest and warmest locations.