UWG Completes Cold Cutting on Lesa Field in Indonesia

The UWG Group has recently successfully completed a cold-cutting job in Indonesia on behalf of BP. The work, undertaken earlier in the year, was performed on the well Lesa-4 in the Java Sea.

BP planned the work in addition to existing wells, Lesa 1, 2 and 3. As all were gas wells, it was not feasible for hot cutting or welding equipment to be used, necessitating the use of cold-cutting equipment.

The job involved making two cuts on a pipe of 30" diameter and 1" thick. Given the height of the pipe, it was necessary to make only one incision as opposed to two as initially anticipated. The final cut was required to enable BP to install the wellhead and made below the deck on the wellhead grating place necessitating the removal of 10ft of pipe.

Throughout the course of the work, the air supply dipped from approximately 120 psi to around 80 psi due to a leak along the air-line to the compressor. The low pressure led to the blade jumping, meaning it was necessary to replace it during the job. The job continued with less pressure, which meant the cutting process was marginally slower.

The project which involved two members of staff was completed on time and within budget. UWG¹s Mike McVay commented: "This job demonstrates UWG's recognition in the global market and throughout the oil industry. The project was a great success and the operator were delighted with the results I am confident that UWG will go on to undertake further work in this area in the future."