RMOTC Tests Enhanced Oil Recovery Monitoring Tool

The Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) and hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc. (HGI) have completed successful tests of HGI's new, cost-effective enhanced oil recovery (EOR) tool for monitoring the movement of fluid injected underground to "flood" oil fields and increase oil production.

"It's our mission to partner with industry to help bring new ideas to the marketplace that can ensure clean, reliable and affordable supplies of oil and natural gas for American consumers," said Clarke Turner, RMOTC director.

HGI's patented High Resolution Resistivity (HRR(TM)) subsurface fluid monitoring technology monitors transfer resistance changes caused by fluid movement during EOR flooding. It uses the existing metallic infrastructure, such as the steel casing from production or injection wells, for electrodes, making the technology relatively non-intrusive.

"Incorporating existing infrastructure greatly reduces set-up costs and diminishes any negative impact to existing oil-field operations," said Richard Wold, HGI EOR services manager. That feature, combined with HRR(TM)'s easy deployment, Wold says, makes it an attractive option for the oil industry.

The HRR(TM) technology monitors and identifies changes in spatial fluid flow characteristics and migration direction in the reservoir. It is controlled by an on-site, remotely-operated instrument trailer that houses a communication system accessible via a Virtual Private Network hosted over satellite. A full project report is available at http://www.rmotc.doe.gov.

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