Z-Seis and READ Team Up to Offer Advanced FracView Monitoring Technology

Z-Seis and READ have combined their respective Crosswell Imaging and Microseismic Frac Monitoring technologies to provide a hybrid process that delivers significantly greater in-depth information about fracing operations.

Termed FracView™, this new combination of proven technologies provides an image of frac wing aerial extent and height, generated by READ's microseismic Frac Monitoring system. Superimposed over this information is a detailed lithological image of the fraced reservoir, which is generated by Z-Seis' Crosswell Imaging performed prior to fracing operations. Based on the resulting information, engineers will be able to determine, in detail, the development of the frac process in relation to the boundaries of the reservoir.

The READ (Reservoir Evaluation and Development) Group is established as a leading technology provider in custom well construction, and well intervention, as well as seismic and reservoir monitoring solutions. With operational centers across the globe, the company meets the industry's needs for higher technology in exploration and production information worldwide.

Z-Seis Corp. is the world leader in Crosswell Imaging, with services including data acquisition, processing, and analytical services. With over a decade of experience, the company provides high-resolution imaging for in-depth characterization of reservoirs, often delivering resolution that is 100x that of conventional surface seismic.