Petrofac Introduces New Version of 'PARIS' System

Petrofac has introduced a new version of its innovative production and allocation reporting system - one that enables companies to streamline operations without the need for software programmers.

Version 5 of the Production Allocation and Reporting Information System (PARIS) is the newest system to be introduced and can be tailor made to meet customer needs. It builds on the sophisticated capabilities of the existing software but provides customers with much greater flexibility and robust, long-term solutions.

Petrofac is successfully using PARIS Version 5 as part of its ongoing operations on the Cendor field, offshore Malaysia, in which Petrofac Energy Developments has a 30% equity share.

Derek Wilson, manager of Petrofac Metering, said: "The key feature of the new version is it offers an application encompassing an 'Allocation Engine'. It gives us a foundation upon which we can build a model tailored precisely to the needs of a customer, and that model can be amended at any time. It is entirely adaptable.

"The PARIS product has been developed utilizing leading-edge technology since its introduction in the 1990s. It also has the highest security features, can be used globally and is instantly deployable because it is web based."

Petrofac awarded a contract to Scottish software firm, Pisys, to support the introduction of the new system. Together, the companies worked together to develop the product in its latest form and Pisys will now provide ongoing support during delivery and implementation.

Pisys director Peter Henderson said: "We were delighted to secure this support contract - one of our biggest business wins of the past year. It builds upon our work for Petrofac taking the concept and developing it into a new product that takes monitoring and reporting work onto another new technological level."

PARIS Version 5 is an SQL Server based application that totally redefines the traditional approach to production reporting and allocation. The system can be used to build any combination of platforms, fields and wells by means of user selectable drop down and dialog boxes from scratch.

The advantage of PARIS Version 5 is that configuration can be carried out by a competent user without the need for any software programming input. Once the system is built, it is then possible to add additional wells and instrument tags using the configurations options and, again, without the need for programming input.

PARIS Version 5 also reads data from offshore metering and Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and performs various calculations using the results of well tests to determine the precise production from each well. Commercially supported and web enabled, the software can be accessed via Intranet or secure Internet connection.