BJ Expands Fleet of Nitrogen Converter Pump Units in Aberdeen

BJ Process and Pipeline Services has expanded its fleet of nitrogen converter pump units in Aberdeen. The three new diesel-driven 180k split skid units are custom units designed for BJ PPS to carry out commissioning services for clients operating in the UKCS and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea.

The units have been used to carry out commissioning services on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and to complete a series of leak tests in the North Sea.

These three nitrogen generator units increase BJ PPS's fleet in the UK and Norway to 37 units, making it one of the largest in the North Sea. "The addition of these units means our customers can rest assured their assets will receive superior commissioning services as and when required," said Lindsay Link, general manager of BJ PPS. "Already, we are seeing the benefits, given the additional operations we have been able to take on since we acquired them. BJ PPS has the plant and human resources in the UK and Norway to maintain customer schedules, as well as a commendable history of providing competent and capable service," he added.

Split Skid Eases the Load
The units meet the latest requirements set by the UK and Norwegian oil and gas industries. A primary benefit is the reduced lifting load possible when the system is moved in two lighter lifts, as opposed to one "heavy" lift that may be difficult or impossible in many installations. The power pack and liquid N2 converter each weigh 7,500 Kgs. The dimensions of the power pack are 3.1 x 2.44 x 2.99, while the liquid N2 converter measures 2.95 x 2.44 x 2.65.

The soundproof units comply with ATEX 94/9/EC and are manufactured to CE Standard. Every system features Pyroban exhaust gas cooling systems, inlet and exhaust flame traps, over-speed and overpressure shutdowns, and a gas detection system.

Certified for use in Zone II areas, the units feature a split skid. The engine cooling system and Zone II components are situated in one skid, while the other skid contains the hydraulic system and cryogenic components.