Lloyd's Secures Important Oil and Gas Contracts in Libya

Lloyd’s Register EMEA has recently secured a number of important oil and gas contracts in Libya. Waha Oil Company has awarded a two-year contract to develop and implement a reliability-based mechanical integrity (RBMI) program for its 22 onshore oil fields in the Libyan Desert. This project will be implemented using Lloyd’s Register Capstone’s RBMI software and will be the first collaboration between EMEA and Capstone on an upstream development.

Eni Oil Company renewed its verification and certification contract for a further three years. Co-operation with Eni Oil stretches back more than 20 years and covers the two Bouri platforms and the Sloug floating storage unit (FSU), located about 110 km north of Tripoli. In addition to the main contract, Lloyd’s Register EMEA has won significant additional work to carry out life extension studies on the Sloug FSU and to conduct lifting equipment examination in the Bouri field.

Eni Gas BV (Libyan Branch) has also renewed a contract to provide verification, certification and related specialist engineering support for its West Libya Gas Project (WLGP), encompassing the onshore gas field at Wafa, the offshore Sabratha platform and subsea wells and the giant Mellitah complex, west of the old pre-Roman city of Sabratha, on the Mediterranean coast, west of Tripoli. WLGP supplies gas to Europe through the 34” Greenstream pipeline to Sicily and is a major enhancement to Europe’s energy supply diversity.

Richard Rowe, Oil and Gas Manager for Lloyd’s Register EMEA, says: “These contracts are the first fruits of a two-year drive led by Ciarán McIntyre of Lloyd’s Register to consolidate, then grow our position in the important Libyan oil and gas market. The Waha project in particular represents the re-establishment of a relationship with an important client, while the renewals of the Eni Oil and Eni Gas contracts are votes of confidence in our long-standing support of these two operators.” McIntyre, whose time is divided between Aberdeen and Tripoli, also pays tribute to Thuraya Eraiba, Lloyd’s Register EMEA’s Finance and Administration Manager based in Tripoli, for the major role she played in ensuring continuity of support for these important clients.