Avalon Oil & Gas Completes Workovers on Grant Parish Wells

Avalon Oil & Gas and its partners have completed the workover on three wellbores on the Doris Hall Leasehold, Grant Parish, Louisiana. The Doris Hall and Fletcher leases produce from the 2nd Wilcox sand from 4,300 to 4,400 feet. This sand is very prolific, containing oil and gas in commercial quantities. These wells were originally drilled in 1979, produced in excess of 200 BOPD per well, and have been shut-in for several years. Norman, Oklahoma Independent Oil Producer, DRG Energy operate the Grant Parish Leasehold.

"We have installed a newly designed down hole tube pump in the Doris Hall #1. It is currently pumping over 200 barrels of fluid below a packer. The casing leak has been plugged and the well is beginning to produce oil", said Dave Geyer, President of DRG Energy. The well was producing 20 BOPD when it was shut-in in 1988.

The Doris Hall #3 well is currently producing about 10 BOPD with a 1 1/2 " pump, the fluid level on this well is staying above 900 feet. We have purchased and installed a new 2" pump for this well, which should increase the amount of fluid by 60%. "I am eager to see how much the oil production increases with the installation of this new pump", said Kent Rodriguez, CEO of Avalon. "We are awaiting a work-over rig for the Doris Hall #6A and Fletcher # 1. Both wells have casing leaks that need to be repaired. We are also evaluating a chemical treatment program for the leasehold," added Rodriguez.

"The initial results on the Doris Hall #1 and Doris Hall #3 are very encouraging, and we are excited to begin the workover on the Doris Hall 6A and the Fletcher #1." "With the oil cut increasing every day, we feel the chemical treatment program will enhance the existing production", said Oklahoma City Independent Oil Producer and working interest owner, Stan Barta.

Avalon, DRG and Barta all own an undivided twenty five percent (25%) working interest in the Doris Hall and Fletcher Leasehold.

Avalon is actively seeking the acquisition of other oil and gas properties in Northeast Louisiana, Southern Arkansas and East Texas.