NPD Uses Landmark's PetroBank Technology

Landmark Graphics announced that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, on behalf of the DISKOS Group, will continue to use PetroBank for the operation of the largest and most successful national data bank in the oil and gas industry located in Stavanger, Norway. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the DISKOS consortium of 16 multi-national E&P companies currently store and access over 50 terabytes of data using Landmark's PetroBank technology with its unique network-based, multi-client capabilities. The Norwegian National Databank is one of the largest data repositories in the world, storing more than twice the amount of data held in the United States Library of Congress. Landmark's PetroBank technology has provided the foundation for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's National Data Bank since 1995.

"We are continuing our collaboration with Landmark for the use of PetroBank in the next operational contract period (Jan. 1, 2004), because we recognize their industry leading position in providing multi-client data management solutions," said Eric Toogood, project manager of DISKOS. "Secure online access to E&P data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf in a multi-client environment has become a national asset, and we will work with Landmark's Technical Center of Excellence in Norway to further develop the PetroBank technology to enhance the ability of DISKOS to deliver leading edge data management solutions for its members."

The Norwegian National Data Bank provides data to oil and gas companies across the country from Stavanger through high-speed Internet connections. Data is stored and maintained in PetroBank's sophisticated data management system, enabling user access to data online on a 24-hour basis. PetroBank's unique entitlements technology and security system is designed to protect the data from unauthorized access, yet provides concurrent web-based access, thus reducing the cost of redundant storage for the DISKOS consortium members operating in Norway.

"The E&P industry in Norway continues its innovative approach to optimizing its assets by selecting our PetroBank technology," said Andy Lane, Landmark's president and CEO. "The E&P industry has complex IT requirements that are compounded by the continuing explosion in data volumes. We are committed to providing optimized data and applications management solutions that will enable real time asset management in Norway."

Landmark's Technical Center of Excellence in Stavanger focuses on the development of data management technology for the oil and gas industry. The center is a cooperative venture between Landmark, IBM, Intel, oil industry partners and the Stavanger University College.