Caledyne Launches MTM Downhole Seal System

Caledyne announces the launch of its ground breaking retrievable metal-to-metal (MTM) downhole seal system, which is set to revolutionise future operations and offer a new lease of life to mature and challenging oil and gas reservoirs. The seal is designed to replace traditional elastomeric or rubber seals on downhole tools such as packers, bridge plugs and liner hangers.

Developed at the company's base in Aberdeen, Scotland, the MTM downhole seal consists of a flexible material contained inside a metal shell. The structure creates a complete metal barrier in the well, and when fully energised, protects it from the harshest downhole conditions. The system acts in a similar way to a standard rubber or elastomeric seal, while remaining resistant to high hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations.

As global operations continue to focus on deeper and more aggressive environments, the inherent properties of elastomeric seals used around downhole tools in production wells are being pushed to the extreme. High pressure and/or high temperature (HP/HT) reservoirs, and also in conditions where high levels of H2S and CO2 exist can, over time, destroy the integrity of the seal necessitating costly replacements.

Performance-rated to above 10,000psi at 300°C, the MTM seal can be installed on permanent and retrievable packers, bridge plugs, hanger packers, and subsea sealing applications such as plugs and flange seals. Certified to ISO14310, the international standard for downhole equipment in the oil and gas industry, the MTM seal will potentially supersede all elastromeric packing element systems currently on the market as temperature limitations and chemical compatibility concerns are no longer an issue. Roland van Dort, managing director of Caledyne said: "The MTM seal enables operators to confidently develop reservoirs that up to now have presented real problems. The seal will also provide a commercial benefit as one seal is suitable for any downhole condition regardless of temperature, pressure, corrosive environment or chemicals injected, thus significantly reducing stock levels. It is a step-change technology." "The MTM seal will extend the life of mature fields in the North Sea while allowing operators easier access to "heavy oil" in regions like Canada, California, Venezuela, Middle East and CIS which now account for the largest global reserves of hydrocarbon. The MTM seal is a cost-effective answer to retrieving resources from previously untapped and difficult to reach wells. The seal will also help developers of geothermal, or hot rock, energy sources."