Team to Mark Out Bakassi Oilfields on Cameroon, Nigeria Border

YAOUNDE, Cameroon Jul 06, 2007 (Dow Jones Newswires)

A U.N. technical team comprising Cameroonians and Nigerians will carry out the demarcation of the 500-kilometer border on the oil rich-Bakassi peninsula between October and December, the two countries said in a statement Friday.

Cameroon and Nigeria argued over the oil-rich peninsula for nearly two decades - nearly going to war twice in the 1980s - until the International Court of Justice ruled in October 2002 to give ownership to Cameroon.

The statement is the culmination of the 19th session of the U.N.-led Cameroon/Nigeria Mixed Commission, set up to implement the verdict.

The Mixed Cameroon/Nigeria Commission "...requested the working group to consider the preliminary questions concerning the oil and gas fields straddling the maritime boundary and those along it, as well as cross-border co-operation," the statement said.

A total of 1,700 kilometers of land separates the two neighbors, from the Lake Chad Basin down to the Atlantic coast of the Gulf of Guinea, where the disputed Bakassi peninsula lies.

The two countries agreed that the Joint Technical Committee should meet in Yaounde in August to decide on awarding contracts to erect pillars on the peninsula's land boundaries. .

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