Schlumberger Acquires Geosystem

Schlumberger has acquired Geosystem, a Milan-based provider of land and marine electromagnetics (EM) and seismic imaging services. Electromagnetics is a subsurface measurement used by the oil and gas industry for enhanced reservoir description and is one of the fastest-growing new technologies in the oilfield.

"The combination of Geosystem land acquisition, processing and interpretation expertise with the marine acquisition capabilities of WesternGeco Electromagnetics will result in a comprehensive geophysical solution for our customers," said Dalton Boutte, president of WesternGeco. "The Geosystem interpretation group is well recognized in the business."

Geosystem is a leading provider of commercially available processing software for land and marine electromagnetics surveys. The company also has expertise in the joint inversion of multiple geophysical measurements – acquired through seismic, gravity and magnetotelluric surveys. Geosystem has 55 employees and will become part of WesternGeco Electromagnetics – which was previously known as AGO.

"The real value of electromagnetics will be demonstrated through integration with other measurements such as seismic and gravity, and WesternGeco is uniquely positioned to provide these services," said Dr. Silvia Foresti, founder of Geosystem.

The Geosystem office in Milan, Italy will become a WesternGeco Electromagnetics Center of Excellence.