Marauder Appoints Kempf as Consulting Landman

Marauder Resources East Coast has hired Donald J. Kempf to advise the company in the capacity of Consulting Landman. Mr. Kempf has 43 years of experience in all land related aspects of the petroleum industry in both domestic and international areas. After 15 years at Pacific Petroleums Ltd. and a small portion of that time at Petro-Canada, he went on to Ocelot Industries Ltd. for a period of 20 years. For the past 5 years Mr. Kempf has been employed by EnCana Corporation.

Marauder also announces that options to acquire 300,000 common shares are being granted to Mr. Kempf in connection with his position with the company. Each option will be for a five-year term, will vest immediately and have an exercise price of $0.25.