Northern Sun Begins Drilling at Worsley

Northern Sun Exploration says that drilling has begun on the Company's joint venture, 2,255 meter Leduc oil test on the Company's joint lands in the Worsley-Clear Hills area on the Peace River Arch. The Company has received its equalization payment from its joint venture partner totaling 50% of the Company's investment in the joint lands. Both the Company and the Partner will pay 50% of the costs associated with the drilling, casing and logging of the well. Upon a successful well, and equipping and pipeline tie-in, each will earn a 50% working interest in all production, title documents and joint lands. The Company is carried on certain costs associated with the completion and equipping that provides a promote to the Company from the Partner.

Upon a successful well, the oil will be trucked to the nearest facility 15 miles from the well site immediately upon production. A 500-meter gas pipeline will also be constructed in order to conserve gas if necessary.

Well results will be made available after well completion and testing have established reliable production data.