Schlumberger To Provide Data Management to NPD

Schlumberger Information Solutions has been awarded the contract for the operation of the Norwegian National Data Repository by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on behalf of the DISKOS Group. The SIS technical solution is based on the latest technology advances in infrastructure and will provide open access to the DISKOS repository, improved workflow by seamlessly integrating DISKOS data into company internal solutions, and increased value through easy access and availability to end users.

"It is clear that SIS shares our vision of an open, easily accessible and efficiently maintained repository to create value and improve resource management," said Diskos project manager Eric Toogood. "Schlumberger's expertise and technical infrastructure will enable the NPD and the DISKOS Group to efficiently manage the data and make it readily available to a broader group of users, increasing the value of the repository for the oil and gas industry and for Norway."

The DISKOS repository, a common national data repository for exploration and production related data, was established in 1994 by the NPD and four oil companies. Today the DISKOS Group is composed of the NPD and 16 oil companies represented on the Norwegian continental shelf. The repository -- the world's first national and multi-company data repository -- is an on-line installation containing 60 Terabytes of seismic data and well information that provides petroleum experts in oil companies with secure access to data from their respective workplaces. More than 50 experts access the repository every day.

"Data is the nucleus of real-time exploration and production workflows. Due to the forward thinking of DISKOS, the common repository has already proven to be tremendously valuable by saving the industry millions of dollars in direct costs and enabling geophysicists and geologists to have instant access to high-quality data," said SIS president Ihab Toma. "The continued vitality of the DISKOS repository depends on leveraging new technology and a sustained commitment to research and development. SIS is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the NPD and the DISKOS Group to support the long-term success of DISKOS."

Under phase one of the contract, which becomes effective January 2003, SIS will establish the hardware and software for the data repository and migrate existing data to the new system. Under the second phase of the contract, starting January 2004, SIS will manage, operate and maintain the DISKOS repository to ensure that data is updated, efficiently stored, quality assured and made accessible to users on a 24/7 basis. New tools will be added to the existing solution to expand capabilities and types of data available in the DISKOS repository. Improved capabilities include Web access and multi-repository data access. The repository will be extended to include data in the field management domain where real-time data access enables real-time monitoring and control.

"Schlumberger is committed to the oil and gas industry in Norway. With more than 35 years of experience and hundreds of people working on refining and delivering technology to the industry, we are totally aligned with the NPD and its objective to bring real-time data access to the Norwegian shelf operators," said Kjell-Erik Ostdahl, general manager and vice president of Schlumberger Scandinavia.