Champion Introduces New Tracer Dye for More Efficient Subsea Leak Testing

Champion Technologies says a new high visibility fluorescent tracer dye will make subsea leak testing more efficient and environmentally friendly. Champion claims their Fluorodye UC is three times more visible than the best environmentally rated hydrotest dyes currently used in pipeline leak testing.

Fluorescent dyes are used across the global oil and gas industry to assist divers and ROVs identify leaks in pipe work during commissioning and maintenance projects.

Champion say the new product is the result of six months laboratory development work after customer feedback revealed operators were reluctant to use the traditional fluoroscein dyes for environmental reasons and had issues with limited visibility of the current environmentally preferred alternatives.

Due to its greater concentration and colour intensity, operators will benefit from being able to use reduced dosages of the dye, which cuts handling time and ultimately minimises costs.

Champion's Fluorodye UC also has a 'Gold-no substitution' rating from the UK Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme – the highest possible rating which confirms the dye has a minimal environmental impact. It has also been awarded "Yellow" status in the Norwegian sector, again the highest environmental rating available.

Champion's Hydrosure Product Line Manager, Dr. Tim Wood, said: "This new product is market driven because our customers told us clearly they wanted a hydrotest dye with much greater visibility and which met the highest environmental standards.

"After months of research we have produced Fluorodye UC which is three times more visible than comparative products when using equivalent ppm* dose rates.

"Some dyes commonly used in the oil and gas industry carry a substitution warning which means the operators must look for a 'greener' alternative. Others which do not carry that warning suffer from a lack of visibility.

"Our development team was determined to come up with a solution which addressed both the visibility concerns and met the highest standards for offshore use and we are pleased that Fluorodye UC has achieved that."

Supplied in dark purple liquid form, in normal light Fluorodye UC provides a fluorescent red/pink colour when diluted and is visible to the naked eye. The new dye also meets a separate customer demand for dyed pipeline chemicals with improved visibility and Champion is currently updating their product range to satisfy this demand.

Dr. Wood added: "This greater visibility means operators will make savings because they can reduce the required dosage needed in pumping operations. Less handling will be required, saving manpower and time, and there is less impact on the environment.

"Having listened to the market, we are confident this new dye will have widespread appeal for operators and contractors engaged in leak detection work."