Northern Petroleum Says the Ottoland Well Ready for Testing

Northern Petroleum says that following the successful running of the slotted liner to Total Depth and the installation of the wellhead, the drilling rig was released from the Ottoland discovery well and the location prepared for the testing phase. The downhole configuration requires no further modification and will allow for the long term production from the well.

Testing equipment moved on to location July 2, 2007 to confirm rates prior to final design of facilities.

The Company has the second largest exploration position in Italy of licenses under management where activities can be expected to pick-up as the result of the extra funds now available through the recently announced deal with Dyas. The Dyas deal also including an International Strategic Alliance for New Business.

Northern is currently embarked upon a program to place two oil fields and four gas fields into production with works on the first two, Ottoland and Brakel currently underway.

The Company has recently acquired the management interests in the producing Waalwijk gas field where it intends to implement plans to increase late phase gas, production and move to develop a 30 Bcf underground gas storage facility alongside Star Energy and Essent. In addition an interest in the P12 gas field and two undeveloped gas discoveries were acquired from Dyas. The NPN deal with Dyas is the second gas production acquisition in 2007 to date.