GE's PII Pipeline Solutions Group Unveils Pipeline Repair Software

GE Oil & Gas PII Pipeline Solutions group has developed a new, advanced "crack ranking" methodology to help pipeline operators prioritize their pipeline repairs and remediation programs, based on the severity of any cracks detected in a given pipeline.

GE's new process is expected to fill a critical service need in the industry as an increased number of cracks and crack colonies are being detected in pipelines around the world. PII's Crack Ranking product is more useful than traditional, conservative methods that only report on the maximum depth and overall length of cracks, without identifying which ones pose the greatest potential concern.

Because repair decisions can be financially and logistically overwhelming for operators, the global oil and gas industry has been demanding a new, next-generation process that not only measures cracks but can also reliably discriminate, or "rank," such defects based on their true likelihood of failure.

PII's new ranking methodology utilizes fracture mechanics to provide an "Estimated Severity Factor" for every crack and crack field in a given pipeline, providing a criticality ranking for each crack.

"GE's PII Pipeline Solutions is excited to offer its new Crack Ranking product that will complement and expand the impact of PII's existing inspection technology portfolio by helping operators make more informed, cost-effective decisions when it comes to evaluating and planning potential repairs," said Manuel Terranova, General Manager - Integrity Services for PII Pipeline Solutions. "Our new service gives operators an accurate foundation on which to base their crack management and maintenance plans, thereby helping them effectively control repair costs while meeting regulatory mandates."

GE's new Crack Ranking service, utilizing new software algorithms, is being combined with the business' existing UltraScan™ CD inline crack inspection technology to offer operators a more comprehensive solution for detecting and planning the remediation of any individual cracks or stress corrosion cracking (SCC) colonies. By combining these two products, GE is able to produce higher quality crack descriptions, similar in detail to RSTRENG calculations of corrosion defects (the preferred methodology for determining the remaining strength of corroded pipe).