Nordic Heavy Lift Orders Unique Crane Vessel

Nordic Heavy Lift subsidiary Avonway has ordered a unique crane vessel with a record 5,000 tonne single mast lifting capacity from Singapore's Sembawang Shipyard. Sea of Solutions, part of the Offshore Ship Designers Group, was responsible for both the concept and basic design of this monohull vessel, which has the largest single mast crane ever installed on a vessel. Huisman-Itrec designed and will construct the 5,000 tonne crane. The crane vessel is scheduled to enter service in March 2010.

The design has many innovations but what catches the eye is the enormous single mast crane, reaching approximately 150 meters above the deck when topped up. It will be the largest single mast crane yet built. Until now the largest crane measured 3000 sT for the Sapura 3000, also a combined Sea of Solutions / Huisman project currently under construction.

Today's deepwater oilfield construction projects demand high transit speeds and good DP capabilities when on station. The vessel's transit speed of 14 knots is achieved by installing 2 propulsion thrusters of 5.5 MW each. These combined with four 3.2 MW retractable thrusters and a 2.5 MW bow thruster give the vessel DP3 class. Provision for a future 8-point mooring system is built into the design.