Tethys: Jebel Aswad Re-entry Successful

Testing of the Jebel Aswad re-entry has now been completed in Block 15, Oman. Both the Shuaiba and Natih limestones were penetrated during the drilling phase of the re-entry and both reservoirs have produced hydrocarbons to surface.

The Natih limestone penetrated a total of 848 m. of hydrocarbon bearing limestone in a horizontal sidetrack that had a total measured depth of 3830 meters. On testing the Natih flowed 11.03 mmscfpd and 793 bpd of 57API condensate (total of 2 626 boepd) through a 1 inch choke. The flow rates were constrained due to production tubing size restriction.

The Shuaiba could not be fully tested due to a faulty down hole motor that prevented the well from being steered horizontally into the productive layers of the Shuaiba. However, wet gas was produced during the underbalanced drilling phase of the Shuaiba.

Tethys Oil is the Operator of Block 15 with a 40 per cent interest, and Danish company Odin Energi holding the rest. The Jebel Aswad well is located 8 km. from a regional natural gas pipeline crossing the block.

"We are extremely pleased with the results of the Jebel Aswad re-entry. It is a large structure and we are confident that these results will grow the Company substantially," says Magnus Nordin, Managing Director of Tethys Oil AB.