Black Dragon Hires Ellis as Head Engineer

Black Dragon Resource Companies has hired Mike Ellis as Head Engineer.

Ellis is confident he can help increase current production in the near future. He has spent several months researching all of Black Dragon's geology and engineering and is anxious to get started with the Company. After weighing many different opportunities, Ellis found Black Dragon best met his criteria and decided to join the team.

"We are excited such an experienced and innovative engineer has signed on with us. We foresee Mike making a difference right away," commented Joe Lanza, CEO of Black Dragon. He added, "this is an important time for Black Dragon, and I want to assure everyone we have not lost a lawsuit and are not insolvent. In fact, we expect a significant receivable in the near future." Lanza also pointed out he has recently been working on a project in Washington, DC. "It's too early to give details, but I am confident my trip to Washington, DC will prove to be extremely beneficial to Black Dragon and its shareholders."

Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. is an oil and gas Production Company focused on the acquisition of mature, producing and existing U.S. oil and gas fields. The Company's focus on mature, domestic oil fields eliminates exploration risk, reducing costs, and provides immediate generation of income in a niche market where larger independent and major oil companies are not positioned to compete.