Jingemia-1 Oil Discovery Considered Significant

Origin Energy reports that an analysis of the wireline logs and pressure measurements recorded in the Jingemia-1 well, located onshore Perth Basin, confirms that the well has intersected 34 meters of Dongara Sandstone of which 32 meters is interpreted as being of good to excellent reservoir quality. This overlies an additional 43 meters of poorer quality Wagina Formation. Pressure measurements have confirmed that a single oil column of at least 29 meters and possibly up to 33 meters is present in the well.

It has been agreed by the Joint Venture that the oil zone will now be cased prior to drilling ahead to the secondary High Cliff Sandstone target in 6 inch hole.

Participants in EP 413 and Jingemia-1 are as follows: Origin Energy Developments Pty Limited with 49.189%; Hardman Oil and Gas Pty Ltd with 22.376%; AWE (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd with 15.245%; Victoria Petroleum NL with 5.7685%; Voyager Energy Limited with 5.7685%; Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL with 1.278%; Alan Robert Burns with 0.233% and John Kevin Geary with the remaining 0.142%.