Veritas DGC to Conduct Shotgun Draw Surveys for Avalon

Avalon Energy Corp. on Monday reported on the ongoing work being conducted on its 13,189-acre Shotgun Draw Gas Prospect in the Uinta Basin, Utah.

The Company has entered into a contract with Veritas DGC Land Inc. to conduct geophysical surveys in search of subsurface geological features favorable to the accumulation of oil, gas and mineral deposits. They will also complete the vibrator seismic line that will follow the ridgeline road for a distance of eight miles. The line travels in an east-west direction over the western half of the property and then after cutting the northwest regional fault, it wings north-northeast along Twelve Hundred Dollar Ridge spanning the property in that direction and crossing two of the Company's three well locations. Strawberry ridge is sub-parallel to the north-south regional fault which also represents possible closure for shallower target horizons.

Veritas DGC Land Inc. is a division of CGGVeritas, a leading international pure-play geophysical expert. CGGVeritas is a recognized leader in data processing and imaging services, with a suite of advanced technologies, developed and honed from continuous innovation, taking seismic data processing into the reservoir and greatly enhancing reservoir knowledge to improve exploitation. CGGVeritas has 110 years of combined operating experience and a recognized track record of technological leadership in the science of geophysics.

Robert Klein, Avalon's president, said: "Management of Avalon intends to capitalize on the growing importance of seismic as a key technology for enhancing the E&P performance of its Shotgun Draw Gas Project."