BP Migas Okays Minas Surfactant Injection Project

The Indonesian government has approved an enhanced oil recovery project to raise oil output by injecting chemicals as proposed by Chevron Pacific Indonesia to deal with a decline in crude production in Minas field, said Kardaya Warnika, chairman of BP Migas, the country's upstream oil and gas supervisory agency.

"The $200 million pilot project will be conducted for two years, starting at the end of the year," Kardaya said, adding that BP Migas recently met technology experts in Chevron's headquarters in Houston.

Chevron currently uses steam flood injection to retrieve oil from Minas field. However, its success has faded. Chevron then tried using a type of surfactant chemical.

"If the field test proves to be a success, the same technology can be used for other aging fields, like the ones operated by Pertamina or Medco," Kardaya said.