Weatherford Closes Acquisition of NGKS

Weatherford International has completed its acquisition of NGKS International Corporation.

NGKS, headquartered in Russia, is a provider of in-line pipeline inspection services by high resolution tools, a fundamental and crucial element in Pipeline Integrity Management. NGKS will become part of Weatherford's existing Pipeline & Specialty Services (P&SS) group.

"NGKS and Weatherford are committed to maintaining a leadership position in the development and manufacture of inspection tools, techniques and technology to meet the needs of the industry," commented Keith O'Connor, Vice President of Weatherford's P&SS group. "This acquisition augments the company's current capabilities and further establishes us as a world leader in pipeline and process services."

This acquisition will enable a global offering of quality and proven MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) and UT (Ultrasonic Technology) tools providing the best possible detection and characterization capabilities of any NDT (Non-destructive Testing) technique for all forms of metal-loss, environmental cracking and production related anomalies.

Weatherford's P&SS group offers a range of services used throughout the lifecycle of pipelines and process facilities. Pipeline services include cleaning, filling, testing, dewatering, drying, purging, Nitrogen, inspection, and rehabilitation. Process services include leak detection, vacuum drying, bolting, chemical cleaning, and pneumatic or hydraulic pressure testing of HP pipe work.