Landmark Extends Integration to DecisionSpace Environment

Landmark, a brand of Halliburton's Digital and Consulting Solutions division, is developing a data-access adapter that uses the OpenSpirit integration framework to connect the company's DecisionSpace environment to OpenSpirit-enabled data stores.

The adapter will allow many of Landmark's software products to update, read and delete data from third-party data sources, including GeoFrame, Finder, PPDM(TM), Recall(TM), KINGDOM(TM), SDE(TM) and Petra applications. It expects to offer the adapter in late 2007.

The OpenSpirit-enabled application adapter will serve as a complement to the DecisionSpace environment's existing integration benefits - extending connectivity to other vendors' data stores by allowing DecisionSpace to interface through the OpenSpirit integration framework.

The DecisionSpace environment allows Landmark's customers to run a variety of applications and databases side-by-side. The environment's powerful interoperability is tied to its data-access layer, which fluidly interconnects Landmark's applications and databases. This provides a number of benefits to E&P companies, including accelerated workflows, shortened cycle times and enhanced production. The OpenSpirit integration framework is a vendor-neutral integration solution that allows disparate vendors' applications and data stores to work together, providing geoscientists and data managers with out-of-the-box access to applications and data that are integral to the E&P decision-making process.

Landmark is developing the OpenSpirit adapter in response to the E&P industry's demand for open-standards software tools that can connect disparate systems.

"At Landmark, we understand that our customers' environments are comprised of solutions from multiple vendors," said Doug Meikle, vice president, Landmark. "By adding the OpenSpirit framework to the mix, we can help them preserve their IT investments and extract additional value from their existing data sources. It's a big advantage when it comes to multi-vendor integration and openness."

"The DecisionSpace environment excels at interoperability between multi-disciplinary Landmark applications and data stores, as well as integration with clients' in-house geotechnical environments," said Dan Piette, president and chief executive officer, OpenSpirit. "The OpenSpirit framework will help DecisionSpace application users better manage their complex workflows with the added flexibility to reach out to the other well, seismic, GIS and interpretation data stores that are in play within their organization."

OpenSpirit software and trademark is used under license from OpenSpirit Corporation. GeoFrame, Finder, PPDM(TM), Recall(TM), KINGDOM(TM), SDE(TM) and Petra(TM) are trademarks of their respective owners.

The OpenSpirit Corporation, based in Sugar Land, Texas, began operations in July 2000 as an independent software company focused on providing integration solutions for upstream applications and data. The OpenSpirit application integration framework allows interoperability between multiple vendors' applications and data. To date, more than 40 software vendors have licensed the OpenSpirit developer's kit. Additionally, there are now more than 1,500 oil company end users in more than 50 countries taking advantage of the framework to speed up critical workflows and enhance analysis in the geotechnical space, with more adopting the solution every day.

Landmark is a leading supplier of software, optimized computing solutions and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. The company's software solutions span exploration, production, drilling, business-decision analysis and data management. Landmark offers a broad range of consulting, services and infrastructure technologies that enable customers to optimize their technical, business and decision processes.