Duffy and McGovern Makes Waves in South East Asia

Major growth in South East Asia and Australia including a deal worth up to (GBP) £1.3million (USD $2.5million; AUD $3million).

PSN has signed up the global accommodation provider on a yearlong contract, with options to extend for a further four years. The firm will provide its industry-leading modules to the Snapper Platform offshore Australia, where they will be used by staff from petroleum major Esso.

The Duffy and McGovern complex, which comprises three 8-man cabins linked together with a laundry module and recreation unit as a 5-module complex on the Bass Strait installation's existing helideck. A new Helideck will be manufactured in the Melbourne area, lifted onto the platform in modular sections and located on top of the newly assembled accommodation block.

DMAS arranged shipping transfer of the 24-man sleeping complex and the two additional modules from its manufacturing base in Shanghai, China to PSN's operations at Port of Melbourne. The firm is undertaking a major fleet expansion in the region, overseen by operations director George Emslie and working with MML Suzhou, who are providing Duffy & McGovern proprietary DNV design modules under a complete turnkey outsourced contract.

Craig Russell, commercial director of DMAS, says: "Securing this major contract with PSN is a fantastic way to confirm our commitment to the entire South East Asia and Australasian market, coming as it has through our extensive fleet expansion program.

"Our long-established base in Perth, Western Australia, headed-up by Jonathon Silbert, was a key factor in securing the deal with PSN, with whom we have a growing relationship in the region as well as in the UKCS.

"In addition to local support from our bases in South East Asia, our Aberdeen headquarters is also providing technical support on the PSN project."

Duffy and McGovern have an extensive fleet based in Singapore, and can deliver its linkable eight-man modules and customizable engineering cabins on-demand to the entire region at short notice. PSN called on DMAS due to the flexibility of the linkable configuration of its modules and capability to add further modules to the complex, which provides a safer living environment and is fully A60 rated and DNV-approved.

George Emslie adds: "After shipping fresh from manufacture in Shanghai, we will be undertaking a fully functional trial-run assembly of the units in Melbourne to demonstrate onshore the installation and hook up procedure before dispatching them to the Snapper, giving PSN the chance to see the linkable modules in the final configuration and demonstrate its capability to meet their requirements. It also provides the opportunity to trial assemble the Helideck as it would be installed offshore. This is typically undertaken to ensure all materials are available to minimize the hook-up on the snapper platform"

PSN Australia has the sole contract with Esso in Bass Strait to provide engineering, procurement and construction for their onshore and offshore facilities in Victoria, executed by the firm's office in Melbourne and supported by a branch office in Sale and warehouse in Dandenong. The company employs more than 300 people in Melbourne, 70 offshore and 180 in Sale.