WesternGeco Releases New Technologies for Onshore, Offshore Ops

Schlumberger has released three new technologies to complement WesternGeco Q-Technology services. The WesternGeco DSC Dynamic Spread Control, the new Desert Explorer DX-80 vibroseis unit and the MD Sweep Maximum Displacement confirm the WesternGeco commitment to ongoing technological enhancement.

For offshore surveys, WesternGeco introduces DSC Dynamic Spread Control, the new automated vessel, source and streamer steering technology. "Field tested in the Gulf of Mexico, this technique enables unsurpassed repeatability for 4D time-lapse studies and increase accuracy in Q enabled over/under and rich- and wide azimuth surveys," said Carel Hooykaas, vice president Marine, WesternGeco. "The Q-Marine technology platform, consisting of steerable streamers, single-sensor acquisition, dense acoustic positioning network and calibrated marine sources, continues to evolve with the addition of the DSC system."

For onshore operations, WesternGeco introduces the new Desert Explorer and MD Sweep system. The Desert Explorer DX-80 vibroseis unit has been specifically developed to complement the Q-Land integrated acquisition and processing system. This vibroseis unit generates an 80,000-pound peak hydraulic force with low distortion across a broad bandwidth.

The new MD Sweep design methodology enables a vibrator to produce more energetic low frequencies than a traditional sweep design approach. Historically, lower frequencies in the seismic bandwidth have been overlooked because conventional geophones attenuated them. Field tests demonstrated that the MD Sweep can extend the bandwidth of the vibrator operating at full power by half an octave. "Seismic data with rich low-frequency content are essential to improve the resolution of deeper targets for structural imaging and successful data inversion to reservoir properties," said Mark O'Byrne, vice president Land, WesternGeco. "Q-Land digital single sensors now provide a way to record these frequencies."

The WesternGeco suite of advanced geophysical services includes electromagnetic services and Q-Technology, the world's only single-sensor high-fidelity seismic acquisition-to-inversion platform.

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