Roxar Strikes Global Deal with Geomodeling for VisualVoxAt Resale

Roxar on Tuesday announced a multi-year agreement with Calgary-based Geomodeling Technology Corp. for the resale of its seismic interpretation software, VisualVoxAt. The announcement was made at the 69th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, taking place in London from June 11 to 14.

The global agreement will provide Roxar with a full seismic through reservoir characterization interpretation solution, enabling users to obtain their interpretations faster and with more clarity.

Working alongside Roxar's industry leading reservoir modeling solution, IRAP RMS; its history matching and uncertainty estimation software, EnABLE; and Roxar's reservoir simulation tool, Tempest; VisualVoxAt and Roxar's accompanying reservoir management software will help exploration and development departments make better decisions, reduce uncertainty, and quickly identify the attributes that impact hydrocarbon distribution and reservoir potential.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, welcomed the partnership:

"Roxar's overriding goal is to help E&P companies make better decisions – addressing questions, such as 'How can I detect and address my reservoir targets faster?', 'How can I find that prospect that has gone unnoticed by others?', and 'How can I maximize my reservoir returns?'. In this way, operators reduce uncertainty and maximize the value of their assets.

"Our partnership with Geomodeling Technology reflects this philosophy and our determination to partner with the best in our industry. VisualVoxAt will strengthen Roxar's integrated seismic to production workflow solutions, allowing E&P companies access to industry-leading seismic software in addition to our modeling, history matching, simulation, and production solutions. The result is a complete reservoir characterization and management workflow."

Esslemont's words were echoed by Renjun Wen, CEO of Geomodeling Technology:

"We work hard to be the leading innovators in our industry, and feel equally determined to partner with the best. Roxar's goals and philosophies, to help E&P companies make better decisions, have been the foundation of Geomodeling's existence from the start. VisualVoxAt is an excellent companion to the Roxar suite of solutions, and we are enthusiastic about working together to be able to give geoscientists a winning package."

VisualVoxAt is an integrated solution for seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration, and classification, in addition to conventional seismic interpretation workflows.

VisualVoxAt uses multiple attributes and classifiers to generate facies maps and volumes, and to visualize data at many different seismic resolutions. It allows users to extract facies, isolate major attribute patterns, and discover the geological meaning of the attributes through advanced regression methods and a neural network engine. Key features of VisualVoxAt include:

  • Fast Waveform Picker, a fast method that enables users to pick inline, crossline, or time-slice horizons in 2D and 3D. Users can also digitize faults in the basemap, inline, crossline, and 3D views.
  • GPU-Based Cross-Plotting, with which users correlate seismic attributes, well, and facies data to geology with the industry's fastest OpenGL-based cross-plot. Users can quickly and interactively compare data between a graphics processing unit (GPU) cross-plot and any other window, including map, section, and 3D views. They can then calibrate the data to well data to identify potential reservoirs in adjacent areas. Additionally, users can identify the best combination of attributes by employing advanced regression techniques.
  • Spectral Decomposition, which enables users to detect thin beds, faults, and anomalies at multiple seismic resolutions, thereby reducing uncertainty. Users can also analyze the full frequency spectrum – even below tuning thickness – with interactive multi-frequency section, gather, and map displays.
  • Strata-Grid Analysis: build a stratigraphic model from seismic attribute volumes and horizons. Attribute analysis workflows, such as principal component analysis, facies classification, and waveform correlation, can be applied to the stratigraphic grids to detect subtle stratigraphic prospects. The proprietary strata-grid volume rendering allow users to see stratigraphic features that were difficult to see by conventional methods.

Roxar's IRAP RMS comprises 14 fully integrated software modules including mapping, modeling, flow simulation, well planning and workflow management tools designed to help geologists, reservoir engineers and geophysicists increase productivity from oil and gas fields. IRAP RMS includes an uncertainty management module, which allows for uncertainties to be quantified across the complete reservoir characterization and development workflow.

Roxar's reservoir simulation solution, Tempest, enables reservoir engineers to make informed decisions relating to the structure, type and economic potential of oil and gas fields and includes the ability to simulate a wide range of physical processes within one program.

Roxar's EnABLE is the leading history matching and uncertainty estimation software product on the market today. Working alongside IRAP RMS and Tempest, EnABLE will help Roxar fulfil its goal of providing E&P companies with a statistical framework for a rapid understanding of production behavior and the creation of robust estimates from a shared earth model.

Roxar creates value for its customers through its Reservoir Interpretation, Reservoir Modeling, Reservoir Simulation, Well and Completion, Production and Process Solutions and Consultancy Services.

Roxar is an international technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry. The company creates value for its customers through innovative products and services that help achieve maximum performance from oil and gas reservoirs.

With its head offices in Stavanger, Norway, Roxar employs over 650 staff across a network of wholly owned offices in Europe, the Americas, Africa, CIS, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Founded in May 1999, the company generated revenues of approximately US$160 million in 2006. Roxar's International customer base includes all of the multinationals, major independents and the majority of national oil companies.

Geomodeling Technology Corp. provides geoscience software for the oil and gas industry. Geomodeling enables petroleum companies to maximize revenue and reduce costs with software solutions for improved reservoir characterization and recovery. Founded in 1996, Geomodeling has offices and resource centers in Brazil, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, USA, and Venezuela.