Cooper Adds Two Worrior Wells to 2007 Campaign

Cooper Energy has added two Worrior oil field appraisal/development wells to the 2007 drilling schedule. These wells, if successful, are expected to boost production and reserves of the Worrior oil field in PEL93, which will assist in sustaining Cooper Energy's future oil production volumes and sales revenue.

A total of 10 wells are now expected to be drilled in the second half of 2007--one exploration well and one appraisal well in Indonesia, four exploration wells in the Cooper Basin, Australia and four appraisal/development wells in the Cooper Basin, Australia.

Based upon the latest rig information, the revised drilling schedule is attached for information. As the spud date of wells is controlled by the duration of prior wells in the individual rig schedules and material and equipment availability, fine tuning of this schedule is expected to occur as more information becomes available.