White Nile Issues Sudan Update

White Nile Ltd. has noted the press speculation regarding its Block Ba license area in Southern Sudan and on Wednesday provided the following update.

The company is aware that negotiations in Khartoum between representatives of the Government of Southern Sudan and the Northern Government, with regard to oil exploration and production issues in Southern Sudan, have been concluded. It is understood that the Government of Southern Sudan is involved in continuing negotiations on a number of other issues and has not yet had the opportunity to make official comment on the outcome of the negotiations re oil issues.

White Nile's representatives in Juba have been in constant contact with leading officials of the Government of Southern Sudan, and have been informed that with regards to Block Ba, White Nile is to be included in a consortium that will explore and develop the enlarged Block B, which will include White Nile's Block Ba as well as Block Bb and Bc. It is understood other members in the consortium will include Total, Kufpec, SudaPet and NilePet, the later two being the national oil companies of Northern and Southern Sudan, respectively.

White Nile is confident that the negotiations have resulted in a positive outcome for the company. Its representatives have emphasised that clarity on the outcome of the negotiations is needed from the Government of Southern Sudan as soon as possible. They have been informed that an announcement will be made when the current talks, dealing with issues other than oil, are concluded.