Pertra: 3D Shoot Begins in PL 432

As part of the work obligations applicable to Production License 432 in the Norwegian Sea, Pertra ASA has initiated the acquisition of new 3D seismic data north of Midgard, 150 kilometers west of Rorvik. The data are acquired and processed by Fugro. "Commencing the acquisition at an early stage is important both in terms of ensuring a thorough acquisition as well as adhering to the schedule we have established," said Erik Haugane, Pertra's CEO.

PL 432 was awarded in February 2007, and the acquisition of new 3D seismic has now commenced, merely four months after the license was awarded. As of today, the area has only been covered by old 2D seismic data, and the interpretation of the new 3D data will be of great interest to Pertra.

"We have all along maintained that what is required on the Norwegian Shelf is a high level of exploration activities," said Haugane. "If we deem the potential to be of interest following the seismic acquisition, we are likely to commence drilling in late 2008 or 2009. This sets an example with regard to how soon exploration activities ought to be initiated on the Norwegian Shelf in order to identify new resources. We find it incomprehensible that operating companies can hold on to licenses passively for decades. We have great hopes for PL 432, even though the risk of a dry well is always present. Pertra ASA will nevertheless not spend 20 years on reaching a conclusion, and thus impede the possibilities for other players aiming to develop the Norwegian Shelf."

3D/4D Seismic Vessel

The Geo Pacific is one of Fugro's state-of-the-art, large-capacity 3D seismic vessels capable of deploying up to 8 solid streamers, 6 km in length.

The Geo Pacific has been rebuilt in 1998 and 2003 and further upgraded in 2006. The vessel has an overall length of 81.85 m and a maximum breadth of 20.00 m.

Geo Pacific's primary seismic features are:


  • Type: Sercel Sentinel solid
  • Group length: 12,50 m
  • Max. capacity: 8 x 6000 m


  • Primary Navigation: Fugro Starfix.HP DGPS
  • Secondary navigation: Fugro Skyfix.XP DGPS
  • Tailbuoy tracking: Seatrack 220 RGPS
  • Gun array tracking: Seatrack 320 RGPS
  • On-line Navigation System: Concept Systems Ltd.


  • Type: Sodera G-gun
  • Configuration:
    --Single source up to 6920 cu. inch,
    --Dual source up to 3460 cu. Inch


  • Type:
    --Sercel Seal, 24 bit digital system
    --ARGUS data recording and online QC


  • Software: FSI Uniseis, Paradigm Focus
  • Hardware: SGI Origin series,Xeon Linux Workstations

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