Weatherford Wins First Pipeline Project in Taiwan

Weatherford's Pipeline & Specialty Services Group has been awarded its first offshore gas pipeline project in Taiwan. Work commences third quarter 2007.

The scope of work includes cleaning, gauging and flooding operations, as well as hydrostatic testing, bulk and final dewatering, air drying and nitrogen packing of approximately 128 km of the 36-in lines.

Development of the 36-in Taichung-Tunghsiao-Tatan Offshore Gas Pipeline System will be designed to transport and supply re-gasified natural gas to Taiwan's Tatan power plant. It comprises four onshore segments at Taichung, Tunghsiao and Tatan and two individual offshore segments from Taichung LNG Terminal to Tunghsiao gas distribution station (Segment 1), and from Tunghsiao gas distribution station to Tatan isolation station (Segment 2). The offshore segments are to be installed along the western coast of Taiwan.