Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Buys Fairmount

After two years of productive collaboration with Fairmount Marine BV, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has decided to strengthen its services to the offshore industry through the acquisition of Fairmount, a Dutch company. A worldwide ocean towage specialist, Fairmount Marine is an ideal complement to LDA's wide variety of services designed to support the offshore industry.

Always a leader in shipping technologies, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs completes its wide variety of services offered to the offshore industry through the acquisition of Fairmount Marine. For two years, since the common operation of the Gavea Lifter semi-submersible barge, the two companies have learned to work together in mutual respect and confidence between their respective staffs.

Sharing the same vision, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has decided to acquire Fairmount to develop the company, in the long term. A promising business, the ocean towage market, is the token of added value, as LDA excels in developing industrial niches.

Worldwide ocean towage specialist, Fairmount was set up 30 years ago by Henk J. van den Berg. Fairmount proposes its know-how and well-recognized skills in the ocean towage business to operators of drilling platforms, barges, FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading). It also enables its clients to dock platforms, drillships or others on its large semi-submersible barges.

Operating a drilling platform or an FPSO is a huge commitment for its operator. Any incident or delay may result in very adverse consequences as regard to the investments these assets may represent. To guarantee the best service, it is important for such operators to charter modern, state-of-the-art vessels, managed by first class crews.

Fairmount offers five modern (all delivered since 2005) and powerful (200t bollard pull) tugs as well as two semi-submersible barges capable to lift 50,000t. Fairmount offers the most modern fleet in the ocean towage business.

The skills of Fairmount teams, added to such a modern fleet enables Fairmount to answer their most exacting clients. By leaning against a partner such as the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs group, Fairmount will further develop its activities and investments. Negotiations with reputable shipyards for ordering two new semi-submersible barges and several tugs (to be about 280 bp) are in progress.

LDA has always known how to efficiently mix the experience and the know-how of a more than a century old company to the reactivity required by our modern world. LDA is confident in the future of this new subsidiary, in a business field where the need for ship security and crew skills are shared values between LDA and Fairmount.

LDA is a subsidiary of the Louis Dreyfus Group, a family owned company settled in 1851. Five generations have built a world leader specialized in the trading of agricultural products, raw materials and energy commodities. Over the years, the LD Group has diversified into shipping (LDA), petrochemicals and biofuels (LD Energy), telecommunications (9 Cegetel), real estate,… The group now employs 12,000 persons in more than 40 countries for a global turnover in excess of US$30 billion.