Fugro Geoservices Crew Aids With Offshore Rescue

Geohazards firm Fugro GeoServices, Inc. recently recognized members of its geophysical crew for rescuing an offshore worker while conducting work in the Gulf of Mexico.

During a geophysical survey project aboard FGSI survey boat L'Arpenteur in Ship Shoal of the Gulf of Mexico, a "man overboard" alert was broadcast. The offshore worker had fallen off a nearby platform and appeared to have a broken arm. Although he was holding on to a life jacket to keep him afloat, he was unable to attach it properly due to his injury.

FGSI employees Matt Domangue, Jeremy Driskill, Charlie Hall, Kirk Echols, and Captain Richard Reeves were instrumental in going to the aid of the worker by actually entering the water and assisting with lifting him to safety.

According to FGSI Safety Manager Jimmy Mizzi, "The action of these crew members are a testament to the intense safety training our employees receive. They have practiced "man overboard" procedures and learned what to do and how to act quickly in an emergency."