AGR Reorganizes Petroleum Services Unit

Richard Erskine, Executive Vice President of AGR Petroleum Services, has unveiled a new organizational structure for the business, along with key appointments.

The changes reflect ambitious growth plans for Petroleum Services together with improved integration of existing businesses and the establishment of centers of excellence.

In future Petroleum Services will be organized in three business streams: Well Construction, Manpower Consulting and a new entity called PET (EX)2 embracing Reservoir Evaluation Services (RES) and field management. PET (EX)2 , will be expanded to include production engineering, concept development, and engineering design, providing oil companies with a one-stop shop from exploration through to exploitation.

"We have ambitious plans based on growing our existing businesses and pursuing new opportunities. We need to retain, motivate and recruit top notch personnel, and continue to offer them a stimulating environment with increasing opportunities for international experience. I think it is also vital to foster a culture based on openness, trust and transparency," said Erskine.

"While we are very serious about our standards, our work ethic and ambitions I am also keen to see that we have fun as well! These are exciting times."

Who does what….

In the new organization, which will be a matrix structure, there will be four Well Construction centers: Asia Pacific (headed by Phil Duff), Norway (Geir Finsrud), Americas (Francis Brown) and the UK (Ian Burdis). Ian Burdis will also be responsible for Well Construction's center of excellence. PET (EX)2 will be headed by Atle Andresen and Christina MacDonald will head up the worldwide Manpower Consulting business. Erik Lorange will be responsible for the G & G consultancy's center of excellence within PET (EX)2.

AGR will continue to focus on performance improvement tools, processes and management consulting within the well construction sector. In future these activities will also report to Ian Burdis.

Hugh Mackay will continue as Director, Business Development, and Tove Magnussen will be responsible for HSEQ. Petroleum Services will also be assisted in a number of support functions including Business Unit Control, under Torstein Floden, Human Resources, under Stig Tuastad, Legal (Ole Oulie), and Information Technology (Tom Roger Grovassbakk).

There will be a sustained focus on Field Development, with Atle continuing to pull on the skills in the PET (EX)2 group, backed up by support in Asia Pacific, (Greg Hogan) and Kazakstan.

Business development will be a crucial function in Petroleum Services. This is recognized in the new business development network being established, by Hugh Mackay. In future, he will be assisted by business development managers in six key areas of operation: UK and Africa (Michail Tsouvelekis); Asia Pacific (Bruce Roebuck); Middle East (Tom Conlon); Americas (Mike Williams); PET (EX)2 (Knut Sovold); and Norway (manager still to be appointed).