Flow Ltd. Creates Electronic Logbook

A new electronic logbook is replacing paper-based recording methods used for oil and gas flow measurement. FLOWLOGBOOK has been developed for North Sea fiscal metering and Kerr-McGee has just adopted the internet-based system for the fiscal metering stations on 6 of its installations. This new electronic logbook is also suitable for replacement of paper records in Control Rooms and for HSE compliance. Martin Basil, Managing Director of Aberdeen Company FLOW Ltd said "Old-fashioned paper logbooks used for fiscal oil and gas flow metering have inherent disadvantages. They can only be used and viewed in one location, can be illegible, are inherently insecure and may require multiple entry of the same data." He explained, "FLOWLOGBOOK addresses such problems. Being either an intranet or internet web-based system it can be viewed from anywhere, so time-consuming offshore visits are reduced. For example, the system is currently being used by metering specialists located in the Algarve, in Portugal. Security has been a priority in the software's design and data entry is easy, using a familiar internet web-browser."

The FLOWLOGBOOK TM allows users to manage information effectively. It can filter data and produce information in easily understood formats such as graphs, tables or text. Metering station maintenance is regulated in the UK by the DTI, which last year issued new guidance notes recommending that the industry consider moving from paper to electronic logbook systems. The electronic FLOWLOGBOOK exceeds statutory requirements and the DTI has issued a 'Letter of No Objection' for its use with fiscal-quality metering systems. FLOWLOGBOOK is now in use with 6 oil and gas operators in the UKCS plus a multi-language Hispanic/English installation in Venezuela.