Yemen Acknowledges Tanker Explosion Was the Work of Terrorists

Yemen's Interior Minister, Rashad al-Eleimi, made a statement on Yemen's official news agency that an unspecified number of "suspects" had been arrested in the attack and that police had located the house where the explosives were prepared.

Al-Eleimi's announcement Wednesday night was Yemen's first official acknowledgment that the $80-million Limburg was hit by a terror attack. A Bulgarian crewmember was killed, a hole was torn into the vessel and some 90,000 barrels of oil were released into Gulf of Aden waters off Yemen, creating an oil slick and affecting some 80 miles of shoreline. The minister also said investigators found traces of explosives aboard the tanker, but did not say whether suicide bombers were involved. Yemeni investigators said earlier they were exploring the theory of a remote-controlled blast.

Yemen said Wednesday it had beefed up security at its ports following the tanker bombing. The new security measures include helicopter and gunboats patrols at all ports and limits on fishing near port entrances and shipping lanes.