Tekoil's First Workover a Success

Tekoil & Gas Corp. has executed its first recompletion of an oil-producing zone in well 18, located at its North Point Bolivar field.

The well tested at flow rates as high as 888 Bopd (barrels of oil per day), and 164,000 scf (standard cubic feet of gas per day) on a 20/64ths choke, with an FTP (flowing tubing pressure) of 450 psi (pounds per square inch). The well is currently producing no water or sediment, and is producing on a 13/64ths choke with flow rates of approximately 380 Bopd and 84,000 scf per day, and an FTP of 400 psi.

Mark Western, Tekoil's Chairman, stated: "Having completed our first work-over with a very successful result, we are looking forward to continued success as we move forward with our development plans. We will continue with the current work-over program as we begin a fully intergrated, 3D field study, over a 70-square-mile area of our Red Fish Reef field."

Houston-based Tekoil & Gas Corp. is a technology-driven company focused on the development, acquisition, stimulation, rehabilitation and asset improvement of small- to medium-sized oil and gas fields.