PA-B Topsides Ready to Sail Away

An official ceremony was held at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard on Geoje Island to commemorate the Piltun-Astokhskoye-B (PA-B) topsides' completion and sail-away to Sakhalin. The ceremony was attended by a delegation of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy, representatives of other Russian authorities, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Korea and Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Russian Federation, top managers of Samsung Heavy Industries (Sakhalin Energy's contractor that built the topsides), representatives of Sakhalin Energy management and its shareholders.

Shortly, the newly built 28,000-tonne structure will begin its journey of some 3,000 km on a 190-meter-long and 92-meter-wide barge specially built for this purpose. When the PA-B topsides arrive on site, they will be mated to the concrete gravity-based substructure, which was installed on a site some 12 km offshore Northeastern Sakhalin in 2005.

"What we celebrate today is a remarkable milestone in the development of Sakhalin II Phase 2, one of the largest integrated oil and gas projects in the world, said Chris Finlayson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sakhalin Energy. Last year, Sakhalin Energy broke many records in shipping and installing the Lunskoye-A topsides, including the topsides' jackup to a height of 25 meters and float-over installation in an offshore location. The PA-B platform is 6 thousand tonnes heavier than Lunskoye-A, so we should be prepared for new records this summer. Both the topsides and the installation exercise are unique and constitute a real triumph of engineering and technology in the world of oil and gas."

PA-B is an integrated oil and gas platform equipped with a drilling unit and designed to extract oil and associated gas from Piltun Feature of Piltun-Astokhskoye Field. The PA-B platform was purpose-designed for year-round operation in a severe climate and is capable of withstanding heavy wave, ice and seismic impacts. The PA-B, similar to Lunskoye-A, has pendulum bearings installed at the top of each leg to protect the structure from earthquakes.