Product Development First for PolyOil

PolyOil has begun the delivery of 220 Poly-Tector clamps to the Gulf of Mexico, in the first stage of a deal with a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate.

The contract, worth in excess of £250,000, will eventually see PolyOil deploy more than 880 clamps across eight wells in the Shenzi field. Stage two will incorporate a further seven wells.

Serena Arif, PolyOil Director said: "This is a significant step forward for PolyOil because it is the first time that we have been approached directly to create a product for an operator using this technology. The decision highlights our growing reputation amongst the major operators and we are confident the high-quality of the product will ensure that these approaches continue to be a frequent trend."

Many of the well completions in the Gulf of Mexico require thermal insulation to prevent heat loss which can cause problems such as high viscosity oil and annular pressure build up. Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT) can minimise these problems, but it can require a separate add-on to insulate the connections in the tubing because they cannot be vacuum sealed. The Poly-Tector clamps are manufactured to insulate these non-insulated connecting sections.

PolyOil director, Calum Whitelaw said: "The deployment of these tools marks the culmination of a six-month long design and qualification testing process. The Poly-Tector design has an innovative inner lip which locates onto the VIT and holds it in place. Because it's made entirely from polymer it doesn't corrode like standard metal clamps, so it has a much longer life-span too."

PolyOil had previously provided polymer tools for work in the Gulf of Mexico, and won this contract through competitive technical tender, up against two other challengers.

Serena continued, "This is a new product which we developed specifically to meet the individual needs of the client, and demonstrates our flexible and inventive approach to solving challenging design and production issues."

Established in 2000, PolyOil designs and develops products for the oil and gas industry using pioneering polymer technology. The company's Poly-Tector range of products for the drilling, completions and subsea sectors, reduce friction, enhance safety, are light weight, corrosion-free and bring operational benefits as well as improving job success rates.

In August 2005 PolyOil was granted a UK patent for its Control Line Poly-Tector, for which it has a patent pending in Norway.