Pemberton Adds Geophysicist to Team

Pemberton Energy Ltd. on Monday announced that it has engaged the services of the geophysicist that had previously worked on the Company's 2D seismic shot last year. Using the leads acquired from Pemberton's 2D seismic, the expert created a synthetic or model of the Cretaceous requirements based on the existing Notikewan wells to track the seismic character, or amplitude anomalies throughout the area and to prove them successful. The Company noted that adding this geophysicist to the current team will further reduce the risk and maximize Pemberton's assets and shareholder value.

President Richard Saxon stated: "Adding an additional geophysicist who already has the knowledge of Pemberton's assets and knowledge of the immediate area surrounding our 3D and 2D seismic improves our chances for success while identifying and qualifying potential multiple producing targets. Management felt that it was important to add this synthetic or model information to the interpretation process. We look forward to announcing seismic results shortly."

Pemberton Energy's Ltd. principal business is the acquisition, exploration and development of petroleum properties. The company continues to focus on its primary corporate objective: the creation of value for shareholders by identifying oil and gas accumulations with relatively low geological risk but with substantial reserve potential.