MCS Sets Up Global Capability for Flow Assurance in Aberdeen

A leading expert in flow assurance is predicting major growth for this specialized area of engineering with the rapid expansion of the global subsea oil and gas market.

Flow assurance manager with subsea engineering company MCS - Niki Chambers - believes the need to accurately predict the flow assurance issues is becoming more critical as oil and gas developments move into more challenging areas with longer tiebacks, deeper waters and more complex fluids such as heavy oil.

MCS is meeting the challenge by offering an integrated approach to the overall subsea design to ensure an optimal development solution for new and developing fields and Aberdeen will be the centre for its flow assurance capability, supporting key projects in its operations in South America, West Africa and Gulf of Mexico.

MCS offers a world-class engineering and consultancy service that focuses on an integrated flow assurance solution incorporating all aspects of subsea process design through the entire subsea system from reservoir to the separator and beyond, throughout the life of the field.

Miss Chambers explains: "In recent years, flow assurance problems have become more onerous, leading to an increased awareness in the industry. This is particularly true in the offshore sector where low temperatures, remote locations and greater water depths conspire to create problems such as blockages through hydrate formation or wax deposition or the shutdown of topside facilities due to severe slugging. The ramifications of any of these can be very serious, resulting in significant intervention costs and substantial losses in production revenues.

"Accurate flow modelling from the well bore to the production facility can prevent some of these and avoid blockages, ensuring seamless flow of hydrocarbon resources from the reservoir.

"In the UK we have extensive experience in flow assurance and at MCS we provide a holistic service to help operators guarantee flow and system integrity as well as keeping costs down through the lifespan of the reservoir.

By fully integrating flow assurance at the early stages of a project, MCS can design a more robust solution that addresses all the necessary project issues.

This enhanced service is part of MCS' drive to expand its services offering to capture a larger share of the burgeoning global subsea market.

The company uses proven technical, analytical and practical knowledge and expertise to deliver subsea solutions that increase integrity, reduce costs and extend the life of oilfield developments. MCS which specializes in complete riser design and front end engineering also has expertise in riser delivery management, drilling and integrity management as well as designing related software.

With offices in the UK, Brazil, Australia, France and Ireland, MCS employs over 150 engineers and is on target to double its turnover by 2009.