Atwood Selects Schlumberger DeXa.Net for Worldwide Connectivity

Atwood Oceanics Inc. has selected the Schlumberger DeXa.Net global connectivity solution to provide communications for its offshore and land facilities around the world. Atwood Oceanics needed a secure connectivity solution for communicating between rigs and land offices in Asia, North Africa and their Houston headquarters.

"While robust communications are important to us, so is secure data transfer, quality of service and responsiveness," said James Holland, senior vice president, Atwood Oceanics Inc. "We expect Schlumberger to meet all these important criteria while providing us with a turnkey solution for enhanced global communications."

Atwood required voice, fax and data connectivity between each remote location and its corporate network. Schlumberger applied DeXa.Net very small aperture terminal (VSAT) links between several offshore oilrigs in the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Asia to their respective land offices in Cairo, Houston and Kuala Lumpur. As the rigs periodically relocate to different parts of the world, Atwood chose Schlumberger to ensure that connectivity remains consistent and reliable, wherever the rigs may go.

dditionally, Schlumberger deployed its DeXa.Net Secure Private Network (SPN) connection to link Atwood's Singapore office with its headquarters in Houston. The Secure Private Network has several advantages for companies operating on different continents. It is based on an advanced multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) Internet Protocol technology that can ensure greater reliability, speed and lower latency rates. The DeXa.Net SPN provides options for enhanced security and offers complete privacy from the busy public networks.

"With the integration of our land-based, high speed network and our VSAT satellite service, Atwood has the flexibility to move rigs around the world without changing their network topology, and the option to reserve additional capacity on-demand from rig to shore at times when key data transmissions require more than a usual amount of bandwidth," commented Jean-Michel Rouylou, vice president, Global Connectivity Solutions, Schlumberger. The Secure Private Network is built on the global network backbone of Schlumberger, which ensures connectivity to all worldwide regions.