P-34 Beginning to Stabilize

Petrobras successfully concluded the connection of a pipeline between one of the tanks at starboard of P-34 and a tug boat with capacity for captivation and pumping of sea water.

At 8:00 p.m. Monday night the process of injection of sea water to the tank was started. The tank has a capacity of approximately 2000 m3. After sea water has been injected into the tank, plans call for the return of the FPSO to its normal operational conditions, according to a statement from Petrobras.

Due to safety reasons and in order to avoid disconnections in the injection system of the FPSO during the night, when there were no personnel on board, the pumping flow was maintained at 100 m3/h, half of the capacity of injection of the system.

At 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, 1000 m3 of sea water had been injected, equivalent to approximately a thousand tons. Therefore, the inclination of the FPSO was reduced from 32 to 29 degrees.

Currently, ten technicians are working in vessels nearby P-34, preparing to board again. As soon as the team is on board, the pumping flow shall be increased.

According to the operational plan, the team is connecting a new pipeline to another tug boat, and a second starboard tank of the platform, with capacity to 5000 m3, in order to accelerate the reestablishment of the original conditions of equilibrium of P-34. There have been no oil leaks reported.