Ikon Science Unveils New Seismic Modelling Capability

Software developer Ikon Science has released the first commercial version of its Modelling While Picking rock physics plug-in to Schlumberger's Petrel seismic-to-simulation software.

The plug-in has been written to take full advantage of the Ocean framework and provides seismic interpreters with a fast and easy way to develop interpretational insight by incorporating rock physics methods into the standard interpretation workflow.

Using the Modelling While Picking plug-in, interpreters can now: --easily create and check the wavelet and phase of the seismic data
--generate full stack and offset synthetics to visualize rock physics-based predictions of seismic signature and anomalies,
--correct event picking and assess prestack data, inversion and attributes.

Events can be picked in Petrel, which update the 2D RokDoc model in real time. With the Petrel and RokDoc models viewed side by side, the impact of modifications to one or either of the models by changing picks, pressures, anisotropy or fluids etc can be seen in real time. Models can be saved, depth converted and used to validate interpretations as part of a full Quantitative Interpretation (QI) workflow, ensuring greater confidence in well locations for both exploration and development projects.

"The beauty of this new advance is that it provides interpreters the full power of the industry standard RokDoc package inside the Petrel environment without the need to learn a new software package," said Martyn Millwood Hargrave, Managing Director of Ikon Science. "Interpreters can model to create insights, reduce risks, check the validity of their picking decisions and decide what workflows are optimum for their play, prospect or field."

"Based on input from several key clients, this new development adds significant value for geoscience professionals," added Justin Rounce, vice president software for Schlumberger Information Solutions. "The speed and ease with which Ikon has developed this plug-in reinforces the power of the Ocean framework and our openness strategy to accelerate the delivery of innovation to the industry."

Presentations of the technology have already taken place at events in Jakarta, Las Vegas and London. Future presentations are scheduled for the upcoming Schlumberger technology open days in Bahrain and Kuwait on June 3 and 5, respectively. In addition, live demonstrations of the Modelling While Picking plug-in can be seen on the Ikon Science booth (# 730) June 11-14 at the EAGE Annual Conference in London. It will also be possible for interested parties to road test the software on real projects at the Ikon training and experience area. One can also view a video of the technology at the Ikon Science Web site.