Norwood Reports Nicaraguan Dry Hole

Norwood Resources Ltd. has completed testing operations on the Las Mesas Gutierrez #1 well in Nicaragua. A total of eight intervals were tested.

One of the intervals tested a non-commercial flow of 45 API gravity oil (3350-3460'). Three intervals tested non-commercial gas flows (8818-8838', 8708-8728', 7846-8034'). Four intervals flowed salt water (2770-2795', 2954-3035', 3908 - 3956', 4742-4810').

Based upon these test results the Company has plugged and abandoned the Las Mesas location as non-commercial.

Although commercial amounts of hydrocarbons were not present at this well location, Norwood is encouraged by these positive signs and remain optimistic for the potential on the block.

This well indicates the presence of a positive hydrocarbon basin system (source, maturation, migration and timing of migration including the generation of light oil); and the presence of reservoir rock, as demonstrated by logs, sidewall cores and water flow rates.

The Company is now moving back to the San Bartolo location to conduct its testing program on this location, which was cased in February.