Saudi Aramco and Schlumberger Develop New Fluid Technology

Saudi Aramco and Schlumberger have jointly developed new reservoir fluid-movement monitoring (FMM) technology to manage flow monitoring challenges in carbonate reservoirs.

"We in Saudi Aramco are fully cognizant that collaboration—especially collaboration with the strongest performers—is an important venue to create solutions that would allow us to tackle future upstream challenges," said Amin Nasser, vice president of Petroleum Engineering & Development, Saudi Aramco. "We have always enjoyed that spirit of collaboration, but our collaborative technology development efforts are currently at an unprecedented pace."

"We are pleased with this expanded collaborative technology development with Saudi Aramco," said Ashok Belani, chief technology officer for Schlumberger. "The sharing of knowledge and expertise of both companies has resulted in technology with considerable potential for the oil industry."

The joint effort has resulted in the development of a highly specialized interpretation method with verification of an experimental Electrode Array Resistivity (ERA) measurement technique that allows measurement of changes in water saturation over time at different distances from the wellbore.

The results have shown that the ERA measurement is an important component in the development of reliable reservoir formation data. It enables simultaneous measurement of flow rate, pressure and resistance for better in-situ static and dynamic reservoir characterization—leading ultimately to maximized recovery of oil and gas resources in the region.

"Innovative technology often results from collaboration. Saudi Aramco and Schlumberger have worked side by side in technology; we work seamlessly together, and we get results. We all stand to benefit from the application of FMM technology, and it is gratifying to have played a leading role in its development," explained Mohammed Qahtani, manager of the Reservoir Description and Simulation Department at Saudi Aramco.