BP Migas Restructures Management

Kardaya Warnika, Chairman of BP Migas, last Thursday inaugurated 30 new officials at the Indonesian oil and gas supervisory agency's office in Jakarta. Aside from compensating several officials upon their retirement, the reorganization aims to move BP Migas into a position where it can function in a more dynamic fashion.

The newly inaugurated officials include:

--Bernadus Sudiyanto Wahyupratomo as special staff for BP Migas Vice Chairman
--Kuswo Wahyono and Djoko Harsono as expert staff
--R.B. Heru Djoni Putranto as Head of Exploitation Division
--Handoyo Eko Wahono as Head of Research and Development Division.
--Budi Indianto as Head of Marketing Division
--Sukasrana Penangsang as Head of Internal Division
--Sumitro Kardi Ronodimedjo as an expert staff for Planning Division
--Djoko Sulistyo as Head of Exploitation for Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia Regions
--Bambang Andy Warto as Head of Exploration for North Sumatra, Central Sumatra and Natuna Regions
--Muliawan as Head of Northern Sumatra Representative
--Anditya MT Ibrahim as head of Exploration Studies and Prospect and Lead Evaluations
--Djumlati as Head of Exploration for the Eastern Indonesia region.
--Nugrahani as Head of Exploration for North Sumatra, Central Sumatra and Natuna Region
--Eko Hadriadi as Head of LNG/LPG Marketing Management
--Indriati Ambarumanti as acting Head of Pipeline Gas and Oil Marketing Development
--Djoko Sumarjo as Head of Security to replace Rachmat Prijatna, who became Head of Procurement for Sumatra and Natuna.
--Dwi Is Triyanto as Head of Asset Management
--Indra Gunawan as Head of Industrial Relations and Welfare
--Bagus Sarwadi as External Division Staff
--Agus Suryono as Head of Kalimantan and Sulawesi Representative
--Ramdan Hutasuhut as Head of Community Development
--Yuri Arvian as acting Head of Telemeterin and Telecontroling.
--Achmad Hamdani as Head of Administration at Papua and Maluku Representative
--Bahari Abbas as Head of Operations at Papua and Maluku Representative
--Suhartono as Head of Asset Management
--Achmad Nizom Fathoni as Head of Operation for Southern Sumatra Representative
--Harrymawan BG as Head of Permits and Formality
--Hasundungan Hutapea as acting Head of Administration for Northern Sumatra Representative.