Geotrace Unveils New Software Platform

Geotrace on Monday announced the introduction of the first of its two-phased Diamond Integrated Geosciences Environment system, a new software platform for processing and integrating all the disparate data types and formats involved in the exploration and production processes.

In development for just 17 months, the first phase of the software platform is capable of processing and integrating widely different data types and formats, such as seismic data, well logs, core data, production data and reservoir models, so that they can be accessed and utilized through one software platform. Phase two, which will increase the software platform's functionality, should be complete by year-end.

"The Diamond project began as a complete redevelopment of a seismic data processing system. Our goal was to dramatically increase efficiency by redesigning from the ground up by using modern hardware as well as programming languages and tools," said John Weigant, Geotrace's vice president of geotechnical applications. "Diamond actually goes way beyond that. We have re-thought everything—from the way seismic data is stored and manipulated to how computer resources can be allocated and used for optimal efficiency."

The new software system was created to take full advantage of more modern hardware architectures, such as Linux clusters and some of the new distributed data storage solutions. Diamond also was expanded so that it fully integrates with Geotrace's recently acquired Tigress services and software tools. While Diamond provides fast and efficient processing and the use of large seismic data volumes, Tigress offers the same capabilities for petrophysical, geological, production and other downstream data types.

"Tigress also provides the database and data management capabilities that make seamless integration a reality. This puts us one step closer to our dream of unifying subsurface information from core scales to basin modeling using the seismic data as the 'glue' that ties it all together," said Dr. Jaime A. Stein, Geotrace's chief geoscientist. "Diamond represents our commitment to technological innovation and development—a significant part of Geotrace's overall strategy. Diamond's implementation and its ability to work seamlessly with our Tigress suite underscores Geotrace's intent to be the leading processor and integrator of data for the E&P industry."

Geotrace is an independent, integrated, reservoir services company that provides subsurface imaging solutions to the oil and gas industry.